RDT Mens Sleeveless 1 Piece



Our Sleeveless 1 Piece suit follows the same 2-in-1 Construction as our Short Sleeve variant – but with the sleek form fitting sleeveless construction for those who want that maximum rang of motion.

Detailed Product notes from our pattern designer: 

The 2-in-1 construction is extremely popular among premium apparel brands because it solved the #1 complaint of 1 piece tri suits — getting them on and off. With a jacketed zipper that completed detaches and flaps open, you get all the comfort of a 2 piece with the tighter fit and better torso support that makes 1 piece suits increasingly popular among triathletes of all distances.

Featuring a lower construction mimicking our tri shorts – a pattern exclusively designed around the 3d molded pad providing an extremely comfortable and natural feeling fit. The lowers are further complimented by our Italian Revo compression fabric and 2 deep thigh pockets.

The upper features our time-trail inspired no-seam neck and a sleek compressive cuff construction around the arm – a shaped panel that eliminates tight elastics or stitching lines rubbing on your arms during your swim stroke or run. With a generous arm shape and folded inside finish, comfort is paramount.  We utilize our moisture wicking and temperature control Airmax fabric for the main torso panels – ensuring comfort during high heat races.

Our rear pouch pocket allows dual sided entry and ample, secure storage for your on course needs.


  • Airmax Italian Fabric, 4 way stretch used in the torso for unparelled moisture wicking and breath ability to provide enhanced temperature control. UV50 permanent.
  • Revo Compressive Italian Fabric – 4 way stretch with fantastic water and temperature characteristics, compression polyamide weave provides more support for muscle groups, UV50++ permanent, chlorine degradation and sunscreen stain resistant with superior abrasion resistance.
  • Full Zip top.
  • Berenis Tahiti molded pad with variable density, skvved edge technology, fully perforated foam for water and temperature mitigation, and antimicrobial top.
  • Longer inseam designed to fit near the knee with our laser cut grip tape on the rear thigh – allowing natural movement in the running stride or cycle stroke while providing enough tension to prevent riding up.


  • 1 rear dual entry mesh pouch pocket
  • 2 deep thigh side panel pockets