our story

Our entire family is involved with triathlons. We have loved it from the beginning and always trying to improve upon the sport to make it more rewarding for those involved. One of the first things that everyone looks for after the race is the race photos. “Does this photo capture me in my element of racing?” One thing that we noticed was the body marking done with the marker easily would ruin a good picture and racing tattoos looked so much better and professional. However, after years of racing triathlons, the only available tattoos were too large to fit on my wife and daughter’s petite arms and too difficult to remove after. We have designed a smaller racing tattoo that works for big and small alike and as a bonus, included gentle wipes to help with the cleanup after! Our daughter’s both loved the triathlon tattoos so much, we offer inspirational messages, flags from all countries and even custom tri-club logos to go alongside the numbers.

You’ll never look better on race day!

We didn’t stop there. After years of racing and putting together our transition bags the night before, we have designed easy peel and stick vinyl stickers. Originally we did this for our transition bags but we started putting them on our water bottles so when we put them in the freezer the night before, they were easily identified the next morning when we were getting ready; so there is no more confusion on race morning or at bag pickup – this will include your name, bib number and phone number. Your Sherpa will love you for it and any misplaced bag now has a chance to make it back to you! Look good and race strong with RACE DAY TATTOOS!

Now with more attention on social distancing this is another way to help improve the sport. USA Triathlon is in the process of developing a set a guidelines for race directors to follow in a post-COVID racing world, one consideration is body marking. With racing tattoos, athletes can do body marking at home beforehand and avoid the large gatherings for body marking at the race corral.